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Book 5
-Harry will be 15 years old.

-The book will not be as long as Book 4.

-NEW At the end of the Fifth Book, Mrs. Weasley tells Harry that she asked Dumbledore if Harry could come to their house directly after school that summer, but Dumbledore insisted that he go to the Dursley's first. As Dumbledore said, their is a very powerful magic protecting Harry at the Dursley's. This should not come as a surprise, as proven by the fact that in 11 years, not one Death Eater ahs attacked the Dursley's. A lot of people have noticed that Dumbledore metions an Arabella Figg near the end of the book, could this be the same Mrs. Figg that lives next door? J.K. Rowling revealed that it is. Nevertheless, that does not guarantee that that is the powerful magic protecting Harry.

-NEW There is a rumor that we will see an heir to Voldemort in a future book, what if Harry is that heir? There is some evidence, but also speculation, to suggest this: 1) Hagrid said in the first book that all wizards that went bad were from Slytherin. Hagrid didn't know that Sirius was good, which means he thought he was bad. So Sirius had to be in Slytherin. 2) Voldemort, when he was 16, looked exactly like Harry. When Harry looked into the mirror of Erised, he saw a bunch of people, his family, that looked like him (the untidy black hair that Harry, James and Voldemort all have). 3) Voldemort is the perfect age to be Harry's grandfather. It is said that Harry's grandparents will be in future books. In book 2, it says that the chamber of secrets was opened 50 years ago, when Tom Riddle was 16, making Voldemort 66. 4) Profesor Trelawney's first prediction will be important. Perhaps she predicted the downfall of Voldemort, by his own heir. Voldemort only wanted to kill James and Harry, he only killed Lily to get to Harry. If he knew that Harry and James were his heirs he would only want to kill them if he had heard of Trelawney's prediction.

-JK Rowling gave a recent interview to the BBC which will air Friday. In it, she shows fans the final chapter of Book 7. Although she will not reveal what's inside, she does say: "This is really where I'll wrap everything, it's the epilogue and I basically say what happens to everyone after they leave school, those who survive because there are deaths, more deaths coming." She also says: "I really don't think you need much insight to guess that death and murder are always a possibility in the world. And more people are going to die. And there's at least one death that's going to be horrible to write." And finally,the big question: will she write more than 7 books? "I'm not going to say I'll never write anything to do with the world of Hogwarts ever again...It could be the encyclopaedia of the world (of Hogwarts) and then I could rid myself of every last lurking detail, but, no, not a novel."

-NEW! I realized that Mundungus Fletcher, who was mentioned at the end of "The Goblet of Fire" is also mentioned in "The Chamber of Secrets" as trying two put a hex on Arthur Weasley. Now, if he is supposed to be a good wizard, why was he doing that and why was Mr. Weaslely raiding his house? --from

-NEW! SPOILER Harry Potter enters his 5th year at Hogwarts with more dread than daring. Lord Voldemort has risen again, and although the Dark Lord is not present, Harry feels his presence everyday. His scar hurts, his writing sometimes fails him, and his studies are more troubling than exciting. Hermione, now a prefect, offers to help him in any way she can. Ron, his best friend, joins in. Paranoia reigns. The faculty also undergoes some major upheavals. There are now 2 Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers: Mad-Eye Moody and Professor Lupin. There are also 2 Potions teachers - Professor Snape and a Hogwarts alumnus. There is a new teacher named Lysandra Leonessa, an all-Muggle who seems to be tied to Professor Lupin in some way. Harry has a new pet as well: Snuffles, a black dog. Thus, nearly well protected, harry is surrounded by teachers and fellow students. Dumbledore monitors him closely. The new faculty keep their wands near and never fail to check on him. Lupin and Leonessa are his nearest friends, but they both deal with each other uneasily. As though drawn by some dying sense of venture, Harry interviews the normally cheerful Miss Leonessa. Miss Leonessa does not reveal anything, but all that Harry has to do is to check his wizard album. He finds his parents surrounded by the new, once-young, faculty, along with Sirius Black and Lupin - and, oh yes, Pettigrew. He knows that they are keeping a protective shield around him, but can that shield be broken? How was it penetrated? And why does Professor Lupin have his arm around Miss Leonessa? Does it have something to do with his collection of books of fiction written by Miss Leonessa, all of which he keeps from her? "Of course," Hermione declares in her you-idiot-haven't-you-read-"Hogwarts-A-History?" tone, "Professor Lupin and Miss Leonessa were in love!" That of course, might just be the surface, because Harry notices that Dumbledore always calls the two teachers to his office. Hermione researches on Lupin and Leonessa, then finds that they were both Quidditch players: Lupin a beater for Gryffindor, Leonessa a chaser for Ravenclaw. Good research - and suddenly Hermione's last as she begins to fail and flounder in her exams and quizzes. However, Hermione is not alone. All the prefects start failing and floundering. Miss Leonessa holds a review class, but to no avail. Professor Lupin tries to help and comfort her, but she casts him away, this time, cruelly. He, in his own frustration, trains the Gryffindor Quidditch team with more ferocity and less spirit. With some spark left in her, Hermione makes it rain one afternoon when Professor Lupin is zooming around the Quidditch field on his broomstick. In her pity for Lupin, Lysandra Leonessa tends to his fever and is reunited with him. Professor Dumbledore, ever the all-seeing eye, thanks Hermione for her "good idea." Quidditch season arrives, and it is opened by an exciting exhibition game, Boys vs. Girls. On one side are Lupin, along with a selected group, and Harry as the seeker. On the other are McGonagall, Leonessa, selected girls, and the seeker Cho Chang. It is expected to be a game of wits, until Harry catches the Snitch and all brooms fail. Chaos ensues. Only powerful Dark Magic can cause broomsticks to fall. Only powerful Dark Magic can cause the prefects and the top students of the school to fail. Someone as penetrated the protection of Hogwarts and is advancing fast. As soon as the new faculty is ready, and Lupin, Leonessa, and McGonagall are healed, they begin patrolling the grounds. Fortunately, all disasters seem to wane, and, by Christmas, despite all the students being forcefully kept at Hogwarts, everyone is happy. One night, a scream rings through Hogwarts. Several students report that a hooded figure, shaking and clinging to Professor McGonagall, is led to Dumbledore's office. Valentines' has just passed - with about a hundred arguments between Ron and Hermione - and all the festivities are drowned by the ensuing paranoia. Harry is called to the Headmaster's office the next day, where he finds Professor Lupin and Miss Leonessa. Dumbledore orders them to tell Harry what has happened. With both teachers contributing, Harry learns of the Order of the Phoenix, established just before he was born, and created to combat Lord Voldemort's power. Made up of the closest of friends, including the Potters, Lupin, Leonessa, and Dumbledore, the Order of the Phoenix was once strong and unbendable. Lord Voldemort, was a once suave Tom Riddle, had tried to unite his powers with Lysandra, who is actually a powerful wizard skilled in the dark arts but who refuses to use them. Lysandra was able to harness the strength of the Order and defend herself. The Dark Powers, however, penetrated into the weakest of them - Peter Pettigrew. Because of Pettigrew, the order was broken. Even then, Lord Voldemort nearly died after trying to kill Harry. Despite the apparent triumph, Lysandra left the order in shame, thinking that Lupin and Dumbledore would disown her as one of their kind. Upon her return, both to Hogwarts and to the order, she vowed to both protect Harry and destroy Lord Voldemort. For reasons known only to Dumbledore and a Lupin now fiercely protective of his girl, Voldemort's attack on Lysandra had nearly broken her. She and Lupin bid Harry to be careful, as she has dreamed of Lord Voldemort's return. (SPOILER WARNING!!!) In a series of strange events, Harry encounters Draco Malfoy, who, at first despising him, now tries to kill him. He encounters Draco and a band of Slytherins one night in the Gryffindor common room. What follows is what appears to be a Wizard's duel, promptly stopped by the re-formed Order of the Phoenix. The Slytherin students drop unconscious, Neville Longbottom among them, numbering himself among the exploited - and contributing the Gryffindor password. Snape administers the Truth Potion to them all, but the students have been lost since the first day of school. Their minds have been conquered by their parents, but their natural childlikeness, though hidden, prevents complete conquest and even Harry's death. Malfoy even tries to kill himself in a fit of "Wizard anger," but Harry saves him. Their enmity does not end... ..But this book does. The Order of the Phoenix uncovers Voldemort's plan: Weaken all the top Hogwarts students, cause enmity amongst them, then use their disunity to enter through the shield of the Order. Everything goes against him again, but everyone knows that this will not last long. The Order this remains as strong as ever, and its members protect Harry, knowing perhaps that, with all the boy's power, Voldemort would want to get to him and purchase the power at the price of Harry's life. All will end if this should happen, And, with dread mixed with his courage, Harry leaves Hogwarts for another vacation.

-It will reveal why Voldermort killed Lily and James Potter.

-On Newsround, JKR said in an interview with Leezo that in Book 5, we will see some places that have only been mentioned in previous books. It might be the town where Lily and James Potter lived, Godric's Hollow.

-JK Rowling says Book 5 "probably won't be as long as book four. It will be scary. Harry finds out a lot of things he hasn't stumbled across so far."

-During the summer, Harry is invited to the Weasly's house again. When he arrives there, Fluer Delacour is there with Bill. It turns out the Weasleys are giving her a ride to Hogwarts to start teaching potions. This means that Snape finally gets the Defense Against Dark Arts job. But, he is strangely not at all the lessons beacause he is helping Dumbledore spy on Voldemort by pretenting to be a Death Eater. He might have to assasinate Dumbledore. Dumbledore might either fake his own death or he will let himself be killed to set up Snape in a position to kill Voldemort down. Or, he might help Sirus and Harry kill Voldemort in the 7th book.

-Snape will like Harry better.

-The title will be "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This was announced by JKR on "The Today Show" during a visit to the US in Oct. 2000. She has repeated it at several subsequent appearances.

-The book was to be due in November 2001 as JKR announced the book would be released to coincide with the release of the film (November 16, 2001). The publishers have since announced it will be released no sooner than 2002.

-Prof. Lupin and other favorite characters make a return. JKR says we'll see several previous characters.

-Dementors might come back to Hogwarts because Fudge wants to keep an eye on Dumbledore.

-JK Rowling said that we'll learn if Percy sides with his family or Fudge.

-In the fifth book, the Order of the Phoenix, the shadow of Cedric Diggory's living self plays a fairly big part in helping Harry over two specific challenges he faces. Which challenges he faces are not known.

-We learn more about the background of Lily Potter.

-Hermione will be made a Prefect

Book 6

-Harry will be 16 years old.

-NEW "Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch" is DEFINITELY NOT the title of Book 6, unlike previously thought. It has come to my attention that on February 26, 2000, Warner Bros. patented the following names in the UK patent office: Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Cell, Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat, and Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light. What this means, I am not entirely sure of.

-NEW There are rumors that it will not be called "Harry potter and the Green Flame Torch", as previously believed.

-NEW There has been a continuing rumor that the sixth Harry Potter book it to be called "Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch". Also, JKR has said that Harry's Green eyes will play an extremely important role in the books. So here is our theory: We think Harry either is the Green Flame torch (hence GREEN flame, important GREEN eyes) or he will be the only one who can control this torch (hence his mother's important GREEN eyes, Harrys important GREEN eyes). This could be why Voldemort wanted to kill Harry in the first place, and this could have been Professor Trelawney's first predictionthats how Voldemort found out, mayebe. -from Lori and Kim -Some sources say title might be "Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch". Supposedly, Harry finds a torch which has a green flame and is used to heal good and kill evil. The term "green flame" came from a magic spell from ancient Egypt. The "green flame" comes from Memphis, Egypt and it means, "I have not stolen food". The "magic spell" came from the Book of the Dead. Other sources say the book will no be titled that.

-It is rumored that either Lupin's or Quirrel's brother will be a Defense of Against the Dark Arts teacher.

-One of Ron's brother's might die.

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