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!Harry Potter!
Movie Cast

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Terence Baylor as "The Bloody Barron"

Sean Biggerstaff as "Oliver Wood"

Emily Dale as "Katie Bell"

John Cleese as "Nearly-Headless Nick"

Robbie Coltrane as "Rubeus Hagrid"

Warwick Davis as "Professor Flitwick"

Tom Felton as "Draco Malfoy"

Simon Fisher-Becker as "The Fat Friar"

Richard Griffiths as "Vernon Dursley"

Rupert Grint as "Ron Weasley"

Richard Harris as "Albus Dumbledore"

Ian Hart as "Professor Quirrell"

Joshua Herdman as "Gregory Goyle"

Harry Melling as "Dudley Dursley"

James Phelps as "Fred Weasley"

Oliver Phelps as "George Weasley"

Daniel Radcliffe as "Harry Potter"

Chris Rankin as "Percy Weasley"

Alan Rickman as "Severus Snape"

Fiona Shaw as "Petunia Dursley"

Dame Maggie Smith as "Prof. McGonagall"

Leila Sutherland as "Alicia Spinnet"

Danielle Tabor as "Angelina Johnson"

Verne Troyer as "Griphook"

Zoe Wannamaker as "Madame Hooch"

Emma Watson as "Hermione Granger"

James Waylett as "Vincent Crabbe"

Nina Young as "The Grey Lady"

David Bradley - Argus Filch
Richard Bremmer - Lord Voldemort

Kathleen Cauley - Lavender Brown

Mike Edmonds - Gringotts Goblin

Alfie Enoch - Dean Thomas

Rusty Goffe - Gringotts Goblin

John Hurt - Mr. Ollivander

Matthew Lewis - Neville Longbottom

Rik Mayall - Peeves the Poltergeist

Devon Murray - Seamus

Katharine Nicholson - Pansy Parkinson

Leslie Phillips - The Sorting Hat

Elizabeth Spriggs - The Fat Lady

Will Theakston - Marcus Flint

Julie Walters - Mrs. Weasley

Bonnie Wright - Ginny Weasley


Gloucester Cathedral - Hogwarts
Ook the White Owl - Hedwig

John Williams - composer

Chris Columbus - director

Joss Gower - stunts for Voldemort

Kheo Kypri - stunts for Voldemort

Gregory Powell - Stunt Coordinator

Paul Spateri - makeup